Tips for Buying African Mango Diet Supplements

dieting lose belly fat1) Look for a supplement with 150mg African Mango Seed Extract

The extract from the African Mango seeds, sometimes called IGOB131, is the part of the plant which has been shown to promote weight loss. Aim for the dosage used in the weight loss studies - 150mg 2x or 3x a day - for best results. Avoid products where the main ingredient is "powdered fruit" or "powdered seed" as these are ineffective.

2) Pills, Powders or Liquids?

Pills are the most hassle-free way to take supplements, and may be formulated with other, synergistic ingredients for laser-targeted weight loss. Liquids are generally single-ingredient extract in water or alcohol base. Some are diluted to the point where there isn't much active ingredient in them. Beware of powders which are just ground Irvingia seed - they are little more than fiber supplements.

3) Avoid useless fillers

Fillers like silica, talc, magnesium stearate, artificial colors and flavors are a waste of your money (and probably not very good for you either!)

4) DO look for complementary ingredients

The most effective products are formulas which include complimentary ingredients - other substances that work in conjunction with African Mango to further enhance weight loss, boost your metabolism and burn fat. These include other popular, tested diet supplements like Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone or Garcinia Cambogia. When in doubt, read the label and look up the ingredients online to see what they do.

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5) Plan on taking it for 1-3 months

In the successful clinical trials, subjects took African mango supplements for 4 to 10 weeks. You will probably see some results in the first 2 weeks, but be prepared to give it some time - the full effect kicks in after about 10 weeks.

6) Beware of products claiming to be endorsed by that celebrity MD

African mango first caught peoples' attention when it was featured on a segment of the popular Dr. Oz show. However, it is important to understand that the doctor did not and does not endorse any specific products or brands. Sites using the doctor's image to sell their product are scammers who are using the photo illegally.

7) Buy authentic, USA-manufactured supplements

Some supplement companies turn to offshore manufacturing to save money - this can result in poor quality control and even products which don't contain exactly what the label says they do. Look for a supplement manufactured in the USA, preferably in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified lab.

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