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girl with mangoAfrican Mango (Irvingia gabonensis)

Are there other names for African Mango?

African Mango is often referred to by its botanical name, Irvingia gabonensis. It is also known as the Bush Mango or the Bread tree. The seeds themselves are called Dikka or Dika Nuts.

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Is African Mango the same as the mangoes you buy in the store?
No - they are two different plants.

Will I lose weight if I just include a lot of mangoes in my diet?

You might lose weight because they are filling and low in calories, but the common mango is a different fruit and does not have the special weight loss properties of the African Mango.

Weight Loss

Does African Mango really help you lose weight?
In two separate randomized studies of overweight and obese people, the group taking irvingia supplements lost an average of 5-10 lbs/month.

Are these claims for real or is this all just hype?
African Mango has been extensively studied by the scientific community. PubMed, the online medical library at the National Institute of Health, lists nearly 3 dozen studies on the African Mango plant.

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How does it work?
African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) helps optimize the function of several hormones in your body, boosting your metabolism, burning fat and helping you control your appetite.

Are there any other benefits?
In addition to helping you lose weight, studies indicate it may be helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and controlling diabetes. It also contains powerful antioxidants.

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Safety and Effectiveness

OK, it works - but is it safe? Are there side effects?
Studies indicate that African Mango is a very safe supplement. However if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or have other health concerns, these things have not been studied, so you should check with your doctor before starting a diet or using any supplement. One of the exciting things about this supplement is that, barring some weird allergy, most people will experience no side effects!

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Choosing an African Mango Diet Supplement

How much does it cost?
Price varies - there are products on the market ranging from $7 to $70 for a 30 day supply! Though the budget-priced supplements may be tempting, keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for. The Irvingia gabonensis tree only grows in a small part of Africa and is not cultivated elsewhere, so the genuine extract is not easy to obtain. Cheap supplements may use diluted extract, or seed instead of extract (which just fills you up with fiber) or contain useless additives and fillers.

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diet pills burning fatWhat should I look for when buying an African Mango supplement?
African mango extract is more potent than the seed itself and the key ingredient for weight loss, so first look for a supplement with a high concentration of African mango extract. Some products have additional ingredients - this is fine, as long as they're not just fillers. Quality products like Sexpot™ Beautiful Body Herbal Formula are formulated from balanced ingredients which complement the irvingia for laser-targeted results. Ingredients such as raspbery ketone and green coffee bean extract have proven weight reduction benefits themselves, and can work with African mango to boost your energy and produce even more dramatic weight loss. Read our buyers' guide »

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