African Mango

Could this all-natural "miracle fruit" be the secret to
FINALLY losing that excess weight once and for all?


Does African Mango Really Work?

African Mango has been the subject of 30 scientific studies, including several which focused on weight loss. Results showed that the extract from this remarkable fruit can regulate your metabolism and blood sugar, inhibit growth of fat cells and help control your appetite, leading to significant weight reduction. And that's not all: they discovered some other exciting health benefits too!

Learn about Irvingia Gabonensis

For centuries, long before it was studied by modern scientists or hailed as a "miracle fruit" by doctors on TV, the African bush mango has been prized by the people of its native West Africa for its medicinal properties and put to use in a surprising number of ways. Find out more about the rich history and many traditional uses of this unusual plant!

What's the Best African Mango?

Ready to get started? Confused by the dozens of "Mango-this" and "Mango-that" pills, powders and potions on the market? Compare a few of the bestselling brands or check out our guide to buying African mango - we cut through the hype, tell you how to spot the scams, and give you the scoop on what you should look for and what you should avoid!